Interactive A.I.

Interactive Art Installations

Our interactive art installations are designed, resourced and built by veterans with a focus on mental health awareness, veteran’s issues, and relationship building. We use physical art pieces, TED style presentations, peer panels and performances that are customized and integrated for any particular event.

S.I.T. (Stress Inoculation Therapy) with a Vet

A veteran-led panel discussion focusing on situational stress in the context stress generally. Drawing from training and personal experience veterans help to identify the negative outcomes associated with confronting stress and provide techniques of mitigation. The goal of stress inoculation therapy is to recognize that stress is inevitable and that the individual can be taught to anticipate the negative outcomes of a stressful event. With practice and self-discovery we can develop a behavior model to deal with stress in a healthy way.

Humans Are Dope!

This TED style presentation focuses on the commonality of emotions. Lead by O.U.R. Vets President, Frank Rodriguez, this presentation allows an open forum of communication monitored by the presenter. The overall goal of Humans Are Dope, is to induce peer to peer resolution for controlling emotions while dealing with everyday problems. As we all may have different experiences in life, we all display the same emotions. With this concept in mind, we are the solution and together we can find a way to live our best life.

“The way you reach anger may be different then mine, but the way you control it may be the key to help me control mine.” – Frank Rodriguez

Brainary @ Electric Forest 2018